About me

Hi, my name ist Guido Bellberg and I’m a German internet entrepreneur, book author, journalist, and expert in advertising/marketing and persuasion. 

I hold a master’s degree (MA) in Anthropology, Anglistics, and Political Science (MA) from the University of Cologne and have worked for many well-known media outlets in Germany and beyond. I’m also a certified NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) practitioner, and although I believe there’s abundant nonsense in NLP itself, learning and practicing hypnosis has been very helpful in my career and personal life.

I have been studying Stoicism for several years now and started a German podcast on Stoicism in January 2020. A year after that I published my book on the same subject, which is quite popular in the German-speaking world. If you are a publisher based in the USA or the UK I would very much like to get in contact with you.

A couple of years ago I moved from Cologne up to the German baltic coast where I now live happily with my family. I work for advertising agencies and media outlets in Hamburg, Berlin, and from time to time, London.

I have conducted interviews in both German and English and have been a guest on several radio programs, including the SFB in Germany and the BBC in Britain.

I truly believe that practicing our stoic thinking can be a complete reframe for many people in the modern west. A reframe that will vastly improve the quality of our lives. I would be very pleased, if you’d join me on this exciting stoic journey.

Stay stoic

Guido Bellberg